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Ah. The guy who did Ikimono High. I've heard of the series, but never played it myself. This will be the first of your games I've experienced.

The most I can say for this game is that it's cute. The characters are sticky-sweet and the personality of Hanako is admittedly charming on an almost cliché basis. I enjoyed reading her interactions with the male character and the subtle transitions of her face depending on her mood. While her backstory is overdone to death, I felt it transitioned well into the dialogue that followed suit. Overall, no complaints in terms of character charm.

However, there are a few nagging issues that I feel this game carries throughout. I realize that you must work hard on these and put a lot of effort into them, but I think they're too short to be enjoyed to their fullest. The pacing seems to be awfully quick, and the two go from strangers to friends to romantic interest in the blink of an eye. I feel a tad more build-up would be nice to incorporate in future titles. Going along with the story elements, the plot had so little conflict that it seemed a little too dreamy. Things were smooth sailing without as much as a single incident between the two, whether it be a disagreement or something about Hanako's ghoul-ness affecting him in a way that could hinder his daily life. It feels too perfect.

And more on the story, side characters are used too much as objects. The "boy" and "girl" student only give off the slight implication of bullying that Hanako faces (but is never really shown), and the "friend from middle school" only plants the idea of the two becoming a couple. Again, the length is very likely to blame and I understand that, but it comes across as cheap writing in that regard.

This is a very minute nitpick, but how the hell can Hanako talk/kiss with those teeth sticking out? I would think that many jagged objects sticking out of her mouth would infringe her ability to stretch her lips in a position to do just about anything.

It's an enjoyable, quick little nibble of something that could've been more. As it is now, the quality is debatable upon the basis of how one enjoys their romance stories, but I feel the overall story could use some work. It's so-so.

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